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We have partnered with FourthBrain to offer one full tuition scholarship ($6,000 value) for their Machine Learning program. This scholarship is for Women and Underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence.

About FourthBrain

FourthBrain creates accessible and flexible pathways to AI careers by training candidates with valuable practical and interpersonal skills. FourthBrain is backed by Andrew Ng’s AI Fund.

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To be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must fulfill all requirements:

  • You must identify as a woman or other underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence

  • Fill out our form below with all the information before Feb 21st (midnight PT)

  • Read their prerequisites and their application process (

  • Go to and fill out their application before Feb 21st (midnight PT)

It is important to read through the details below!


Do I need to be proficient in English?

The whole curriculum​ (lecture, classes, material, etc) is in English so you will need to be comfortable enough to be able to follow it.

When do classes start? 

March 6, 2021: This cohort will be centered on the Pacific Time Zone. The live sessions will be held Saturdays from 9am  - 3pm Pacific Time

What is the program's schedule?

The Machine Learning Engineer program is a four-month online, part-time program, with both synchronous and asynchronous components.

You should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours total per week, including both live and independent work.

  • Independent Work: You’ll complete 10-15 hours of work on your own, with support via office hours and Slack.

  • Live Sessions: Saturdays from 9am - 3pm PDT, you’ll come together for live sessions with your cohort and instructor.

What is the FourthBrain application process?

  • Online Application

    • ​Online application outlining your professional background, technical proficiency, and - most importantly - your goals for the course (15 mins).

  • Technical Assessment
    • Online technical challenge, which assesses your skills in programming, math, and algorithms. We don’t expect all students to ace this; it’s intended to measure your current skill levels (it should take you 1-2 hours but there isn't a time limit).

  • 1:1 call with someone from the FourthBrain team to any ask questions​ you might have about the program. FourthBrain may ask you for more information about your goals or technical proficiency to help decide if the program is a fit.

How can I find more details on their curriculum?

You can go to

How is the winner selected?

The winner will be selected based upon need and goals in the field of AI.

Please describe these areas in the FourthBrain application when answering the question "Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?"


AI Inclusive form

You must fill out this form. Make sure to use the same email address here and in the  FourthBrain application