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FourthBrain Scholarship

FourthBrain creates accessible and flexible pathways to AI careers by training candidates with valuable practical and interpersonal skills. FourthBrain is backed by Andrew Ng’s AI Fund.

AI Inclusive and FourthBrain have partnered again to offer two partial scholarships for their MLOps and Systems program.  Two scholarship recipients will receive $3,000 each (50% off discount) towards the full cost of the program. 


To be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must fulfill all requirements:

  • You must identify as a woman or other underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence

  • Fill out the application to FourthBrain's program with all the required information (click here)

  • Applications must be completed before May 19th (midnight PT)

Please make sure to read through the details below:

Do I need to be proficient in English?

The whole curriculum​ (lecture, classes, material, etc) is in English so you will need to be comfortable enough to be able to follow it.

When do classes start? 

June 19th, 2021: This cohort will be centered on the Pacific Time Zone. The live sessions will be held Saturdays from 9am  - 3pm Pacific Time. 

What is the program's structure?

In this 12-week program, you’ll spend 10-15 hours of time on your own watching pre-recorded videos, reviewing reading material, and completing assignments with support from your instructors via weekly office hours and Slack. 

At the live session, you’ll review the concepts from the week with your instructor, and collaborate on projects with your peers. You should expect to spend a total of 15-20 hours per week on the program.

What is the FourthBrain application process?

It is a 3-step application process:

  1. Online application outlining your professional background, technical proficiency, and - most importantly - your goals for the course (15-20 mins).

  2. Online technical challenge, which assesses your skills in programming. We don’t expect all students to ace this; it’s intended to measure your current skill levels (1-2 hours).

  3. Decision time! We may ask you for more information about your goals or technical proficiency to help decide if the program is a fit, or we may be able to make a decision right away.

How can I find more details on their curriculum?

You can go to

How is the winner selected?

The FourthBrain and AI Inclusive teams will review all applications for scholarship awards. Scholarship decisions will be announced the week of May 26th.

Applications are now closed

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