AI Inclusive &  R for the Rest of Us Scholarship

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We have partnered with R for the Rest of Us to offer one full-tuition scholarship ($899) for their R in 3 months program. This scholarship is for Women and Underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence.

About R for the Rest of Us
R for the Rest of Us helps people new to R learn to use this powerful tool. Folks who are good with data, but need a helping hand with this software. Folks who have used SPSS, SAS, Stata, or other data analysis software and have considered trying R, but haven’t known where to start. R for the Rest of Us is the attempt to demystify R so that others can embrace its power. Website:



To be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must fulfill all requirements:

  • You must identify as a woman or other underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence

  • Fill out our form below with all the information before March 13th (midnight PT)

Important Information:

  • The whole curriculum​ (lecture, classes, material, etc) is in English so you will need to be comfortable enough to be able to follow it.

  • Classes start on March 17th. Sessions will be held on Zoom Thursdays from 10 am to 11 am Pacific time.

  • The winner will be contacted on Monday, March 14th at 9am PT. Make sure to check your email on this date. If we don't hear from you, a new winner will be selected.


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