AI Inclusive &  R for the Rest of Us Scholarship

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We have partnered with R for the Rest of Us to offer one full-tuition scholarship ($799) for their R in 3 months program. This scholarship is for Women and Underrepresented genders in Artificial Intelligence.

About R for the Rest of Us

R for the Rest of Us helps people new to R learn to use this powerful tool. Folks who are good with data, but need a helping hand with this software. Folks who have used SPSS, SAS, Stata, or other data analysis software and have considered trying R, but haven’t known where to start. R for the Rest of Us is the attempt to demystify R so that others can embrace its power.



To be eligible to receive this scholarship, you must fulfill all requirements:

  • You must identify as a woman or other underrepresented genders

  • Fill out our form below with all the information before March 14th (midnight PT)


Do I need to be proficient in English?

The whole curriculum​ (lecture, classes, material, etc) is in English so you will need to be comfortable enough to be able to follow it.

When do classes start? 

March 18th, 2021: This cohort will be centered on the Pacific Time Zone.

The live sessions will be held Thursdays at 10 am Pacific Time. 

How can I find more details on their curriculum?

You can to

When the winner will be announced?

The winner will be announced on Monday, March 15th on our social media channels.

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About R in 3 months course

With R in 3 Months, you’ll get high-quality instruction that will guide you from R newbie to R expert. Over the three months, you’ll go through Getting Started with R, Fundamentals of R, and Going Deeper with R, courses that have helped thousands of people around the world learn R. With weekly live sessions, you'll be on this journey alongside a supportive community that will help you learn and keep you accountable to yourself.

For more information see their website:

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